Black Friday!! Black Youth Dancers Are Beautiful!!

Welcome to “Black Friday” where we highlight the beauty, strength and athleticism of black dancers, choreographers, and dance companies. We hope that this effort will shine a light on the beauty and diversity of dance.

“Black Dance is Beautiful”

It is important for our young black dancers/choreographers to have mentors and positive role models who look like them. It has been long known (and researched) that positive role models help form a child’s sense of pride in themselves and it provides a blueprint for them to achieve great things.

We feel it about time that we show respect to our ‪#youngdancers‬ and highlight the great work they are doing. These young dancers are breaking barriers and we love that we share in their happiness. This post will journey from the past forward to the present, highlighting talented and beautiful young ‪#‎blackdancers‬.

Katherine Duhnam

“At the age of 15, she organized the Blue Moon Café, a fundraising cabaret for Brown’s Methodist Church in Joliet, where she gave her first public performance. While still a high-school student, she opened a private dance school for young black children.” –

Katherine Duhnam Source: wikipedia
Katherine Duhnam, Source: wikipedia

Gregory Hines

Hines began tap dance as a child – age 2. As a child he started a tap group, The Hines, with his brother Maurice. “The two brothers were known as “The Hines Kids,” making nightclub appearances, and later as “The Hines Brothers” – wikipedia

Source: American Dance Legends
Gregory Hines, Source: American Dance Legends

Kendall Harris,

Kendall, at 12 years old, has already graced the stage with headliners such as Ciara. She was a dancer during the Janet Jackson Tribute at the BET Awards and she continues to share her craft with the world. She is not only taking the trap world by storm, but also much of hip-hop. She is a pleasure to watch and a star in front of the camera.

Kendall Harris, Source:

Selena Robinson (lenaballerina97), now 17, is a ballerina based out of Chicago. She is breaking down walls with her dance and getting noticed. She is training at the Chicago Academy for the Arts. We can’t wait to follow her to a bright future in dance.
Video Interview for Brown Girls Do Ballet

Ask A Ballerina: Selena Robinson (Brown Girls Do Ballet)

Source: Brown Girls Do Ballet
Selena Robinson, Source: Brown Girls Do Ballet

Now, for our youngest spotlight at 6, Solise Freeney. She is practicing ballet and we love her energy and composition. Can’t wait to see this bright, shining star.
Brown Girls Do Ballet Interview

Source: Brown Girls Do Ballet
Solise Freeney, Source: Brown Girls Do Ballet

At this point we want to say how happy we are to see Brown Girls Do Ballet. They not only facilitate getting our young black girls into dance, but they help support the movement of ‪#‎blackdanceisbeautiful‬

And now for a random goodie. A group of young children doing what they do best. Enjoying the dance.
African Kids Group Dancing

‪#‎BDIB‬ #blackdanceisbeautiful


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